How to find out current frame of the swf movie


This is Ajanthan from nits. I developed the content of the e learning material in flash, and i have imported the flash movie into articulate and published. Now i need to know in which frame the swf is in now. i mean the current frame of the swf file. So, any one help me in this....


Ajanthan. M




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articulate s

Hi Ajanthan,

"_level22.mcSlideGroup.mcSlideContainer3.mcSlide" will provide you the reference to the swf file.

You can then access the total frames, cuurent frame etc as per requirement using AS.

Please note that this is for normal slides, means no engage, flash objects, quiz etc.

Also you might need to check which is the cuurent container where the slide has loaded out of the 3 possible ones.

You may use the following code:

    currentSlideSWF = _level22.mcSlideGroup.mcSlideContainer1.mcSlide;
   else if(_level22.mcSlideGroup.mcSlideContainer2._visible)
    currentSlideSWF = _level22.mcSlideGroup.mcSlideContainer2.mcSlide;
   else if(_level22.mcSlideGroup.mcSlideContainer3._visible)
    currentSlideSWF = _level22.mcSlideGroup.mcSlideContainer3.mcSlide;

Another possible way to implement is by using the following Articulate functions:

   var currSlideTime = ArtAPI.GetCurrentSlideTime();
   var oSlideInfo = ArtAPI.GetSlideInfo(ArtAPI.GetCurrentSlide());
   var totalSlideTime = oSlideInfo.nSlideTime;

   var frameRate = oSlideInfo.nFrameRate;

   var totalFrames = totalSlideTime*frameRate;

   var currFrame = currSlideTime*frameRate;

Hope this helps!