How to force people to watch a video?

Mar 23, 2012

I was assigned a project where I was given a video of a speech by the CEO.  I am to load this into the LMS and everyone in the company must view it.  I have to be able to show they viewed the entire presentation.

What tool should I use to do this?  

This is for a Sumtotal LMS.  We use SCORM 1.2.

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Charles Zoffuto


First, you can't MAKE people watch short of going Clockwork Orange on your employees.

So to answer your question, I need to know a little more about this video. What format is it in? What is the file size? It is just your CEO jabbering away or are there details such a graphs and charts that need to remain clear.

How familiar are you will the Articulate Studio products? Do you have any Articulate based courses currently running in your LMS?

David Anderson

Hi Greg - Here are a couple ideas we've seen used to ensure learners watch videos. 

Quizmaker offers some ways to requires learners to reflect and answer questions:

Presenter's blank slides don't have questions associated with them so they work pretty much like PowerPoint slides.

Greg W


It is a jabbering video.  Since my name is on this and searchable by google, lets just leave it at that.

The picture pretty well applies.

Sometimes, you  can prove your worth by turning something around quickly.  That is the case here.  I think i have it figured out with Presenter.

The singing guy in David's Demo was awsome!

Thanks folks.

Brady Broussard

Greetings... This is my first post !!! ... For starters I love the "Clockwork Orange" pic...

So... I create eLearning for individuals that range from engineers to the functional illiterate... Sounds harsh but, it is a truth I must deal with daily… With that said, all of them would “fast forward” through the videos if I allowed them to… I came up with a simple and effective means to block them from fast forwarding while maintaining the ability to review the video and not force them to re-watch the video when reviewing the quiz… A slide layer that "hides" before the end of the video which exposes the media controls and a next button… You must “resume to saved state” on both layers to prevent the “blocking layer” from coming back… You must also be aware of your time line... Set the "blocking layer" time line to match the time line of your video... Adjust the shapes used for blocking to "vanish" 1 to 2 seconds befor the time line ends... Simple but it works… BMB

Brady Broussard

... Update... I found that if someone pauses the video the timeline on the slide continues to run and the layer with the "block" will go away... So... In the "block" layer I right clicked on the objects and text used for blocking and tick the "Show Always" option... This will keep the block layer in effect and will hide only when the media ends...

Dwayne Schamp

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Well, you really can't force them to watch it unless you take drasticmeasures. As most people will follow this scenario:

Click, play, go get coffee, come back. Hey, videos done, I can go on.

Unless there is a scored quiz that they must pass to complete the course that containsquestions only found in the video, then the mandatory video watching (oranything in the course) is moot. Even then they can just ask their cube buddy what the answers are, as those things get mailed around pretty quickly!

I guess I'm a cynic or just jaded, but expecting to create a course that ismandatory with no repercussions from failing a quiz, then most people will dothe least possible thing to get through a course. 

The only way the CEO is likely to get a mandatory viewing is by using themethod as shown above (I love Beethoven by the way), or haul everyone into aroom one at a time, lock the door and watch them to make sure they watch the video.

Any one not watching will get poked by the soft cushion!

Brady Broussard

Dwayne... You are correct in every way... We have a five computer eLearining station... After setting up an employee on a particular eLearning I police them on a regular basis to make sure they are not enjoying a mini vacation and some well-deserved iPhone time... I know I can't truly force someone to watch a video but I can prevent them from cutting the eLearning short...

"I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition !!!"

Tom Kuhlmann

David has a great demo where you put the video on a quiz slide and instead of a next button you ask a couple of questions about key info from the video. The key is to not have the questions appear until after the video completes. 

Of course, I'll add the disclaimer that I don't like locking course navigation, but if it's something you need to do, then David's approach is a decent solution.

Douglas Edwards

Challenging problem.  But when the CEO orders something, most of us who like our paychecks try our best to fulfill their request.

Although its true you can’t force someone to watch an entire video, you can’t force anyone to do much of anything.  But you can encourage engagement by marketing the video in an inviting way.  Let’s see what the chief has to say!  You can also ask some questions right in the video - doesn’t have to be a SCORMed thing,  more along the lines of trivia, or fun stuff.  

I believe most people are interested in hearing the leadership speak.  Of course some are better speakers than others.  

In any case, branding the video as a special message from the chief can help.  

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