How to get different Screen Size in Mobile and Desktop View

Hi All,

I am using Presenter 360. My clients mobile APP only works in portrait mode. So, I am planning to use 9:16 ratio to fit the screen optimally in mobile devices. Now in case someone views the same file in desktop, I believe it will look really strange. Can I change the aspect ratio to 16:9 for desktop access? Is there any way I can achieve this?

Thanks for any suggestion here. Looking forward to your comments.  

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Shyam!

If you publish content using a 9:16 aspect ratio, you'll see that ratio on all devices. There isn't a way to switch the ratio, depending on the device being used.

When you preview your presentation, click any of the five device icons in the upper right corner of the screen to quickly see how it will look on various devices and orientations.

Hopefully the community can chime in with recommendations on how to design content that looks great on both desktop computers and in mobile portrait view. 

Shyam Saha

Hi Alyssa!

I was just wondering, if there is a possibility to combine 2 SCOs in a single SCORM file and then basis the device, pull up the SCO which has been designed specifically for that?

Say SCO 1 - For Mobile (Portrait Mode) - 9:16 Screen ratio

Say SCO 2 - For desktop/Laptop - 16:9 Screen ratio

Both the SCOs will be built separately and then combined to achieve the objective with an option to redirect to the SCO to be opened based on the device.

I am sharing my theoretical idea. Not sure if this is something which can be achieved. If any one has worked in similar lines or have any suggestion, please share. That would be really great.



Shyam Saha

Hi Logan,

Yes that's a thought. Landing page would work with the below constraints, I guess:

1. The output of storyline needs to be in web format. This means that, we can't use LMS to achieve this. So tracking/reporting becomes an issue here.

2. We would require 2 separate files to open, based on the user selection. This means that, in case of edits or updates in the storyline file, work would be double.

These are my views. Anyone else with other views may help.