How to Handle Custom Interactive Flash in Presenter

Hello, first post in the shiny new forum!

I had a few discussions related to this topic in the old forum, but I never resolved my problem, and then I stepped away from my project for a while. Now I thought I'd simply my question and restate here in the new forum in the hopes of solving my issues.

Here is what I want to accomplish:

We have a custom, nonlinear Flash piece inserted with simple functionality. There are four hotspots to rollover. I am setting a variable so that the SWF keeps track of how many of the hotspots have been rolled over. When the user has rolled over all four (in any order), I want to signal the user that they've rolled over them all (via the SWF, of course... by using a movie clip, advancing to a frame, whatever works best), but then I want the round play/advance button to pulse. I don't want the user to be able to advance to the next slide until they've completed the rollovers.

Can Presenter accomplish this? If so, what would the various settings need to be at each of the navigational control levels?

Any thoughts appreciated. I'm stumped.

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Jade Kelsall

Unfortunately you can't remove the navigation controls just for one individual slide - you have to have the controls there for all slides or none.

You could change that slide to "slide only view" if you wanted to - this is done through the "slide properties" option (this is also where you'll find the option to lock that particular slide's navigation). Then only the play/pause button would appear, and it would be in the bottom right corner so less noticeable than when in the default view.