How to import stereo audio in presenter 13?

Aug 19, 2015

I'm working on a training for hearing disorder, where it requests the learner to hear sounds from left sound channel only and from right sound channel only. I have the audio files created, which are only play in the left or right sound channel. However, when I import the audio files into presenter 13, the stereo sounds became mono sounds instead.

Can anyone help me?

I attached two audio files, one for left sound channel only and one for right sound channel only.

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Bob S

Can anyone confirm that Studio converts WAVs into "mixed mono" on import or publishing? 

To Wei...  If this is truly the case, you may have to go in an manually replace the audio files after publishing. There are several older threads here on how to do that, but remember to make sure file names are exacting or it will not work.

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