How to make Flash Animations in New Window go fullscreen?


I have a course with a lot of Captivate demos (swf files) inserted in different slides of a Presenter file. I have set it to Open in New Window with No Browser Controls. Is there any way to make those swf files appear in full screen irrespective of the screen resolution of the end users?

All my swf files are in 1280 by 960 resolution. (Yes.. there are too big as per standard norms). So when an average user with a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 opens this course, the lower section of the swf files is not seen at all. If there is someway to make these swf files open up in full screen, it will solve my problem, I believe.

Any tips please...??!!!

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Sayuj Ravindran

Hi David,

The flash file in the demo is made using Adobe Flash software and I guess it is easier in that to enter JS Codes. I am making the demos using Captivate. We can take the Captivate project to Flash and do some tweaking but my files are getting stuck that way.

Anyways thanks for the tips.

Hopefully, our company will soon approve Storyline..then I can record the demos and make the interactive slides in the same application...