How to mimic the Page Swipe (i.e. iPad/iPhone feature)

Hello Community!

I'm creating an interactive multi-person journal article for a Ph.D. class on Technology. We're submitting to a professional journal. The idea is to recreate the interactivity of the iPhone/iPad. While I've successfully found, downloaded and imported a "swishing" sound, I cannot figure out how best to recreate the swiping interaction.

The design looks just like an iPad with icons in rows across an otherwise blank screen. I want the user to be able to click on the icon and launch any of the "apps", which will take them to linked, internal pages that act/feel like a book.

But, I want to set up the navigation so that if the user wants to go back to the mock home page, they can, by "swiping" the page just as they would on an iPad. Is this possible or am I just limited to recreating the page scroll and adding a hyperlink/animation to it?


Sarah Beth

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Annie Gelly

Hello Guys,

I did an iphone mock using Powerpoint and studio '09 last year. I wanted to do an another one using Storyline.

I started some tests and I was stopped at the animations that simulate the scrolling up and down on the iphone screen just like you.

With PowerPoint you can make your image move from point A to point B and those points can be anywhere in the screen.

But with Storyline if you choose the fly in animation and set the starting point at bottom, the image is going to enter from the bottom of the slide.

I didn't find a way to make the image slide up or down from his current position to another point on the slide. Maybe a member of the staff could answer that...

Here is a link of what I did using Studio '09 and that I'm trying to achieve in Storyline.

Sarah Beth maybe you can use Studio until we find a way to do this in Storyline.


Daniel Johnson

I don't know if this will be helpful, but I built an iphone with a transparent screen in powerpoint, pulled that into storyline, and then put a large image behind it.  I covered what I didn't want to be seen with white shapes and put an animation on the large background image to move left when the user clicks a hotspot.  You could also do an invisible drag and drop shape that triggers the same movement.