How to perform a Presenter or Engage "find and replace" function?


  • Search Presenter presentations and Engage interactions to replace old terminology with new terminology. Publish revisions.


  • Primarily standalone Presenter presentations and Engage interactions. Some Presenter presentations with embedded Engage interactions.
  • Have published Presenter and Engage files and access to hosted files.


  • Can this be done?  What are the steps?

Thanks for your help!

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Brian Batt

Hi LK Jones & welcome to the forums,

In regards to the presentations, you'll need to use PowerPoint's built-in find and replace tool.  Keep in mind that you won't be able to do the replacements on already published content.  Rather, you'll need to republish the content after making the changes.

To perform a find and replace for a word in Quizmaker '09, you will need to use the auto-correct feature along with the Spelling check option by using the following method: 

1. Click the Articulate icon in Quizmaker '09. 

2. Choose Quizmaker Options. 

3. In the Spelling option, click on the Auto-Correct Options button. 

4. Checkmark the "Replace text as you type" option. 

5. Enter the word you want to replace in the Replace box. 

6. Enter the new word that will take its place in the With box. 

7. Click Add. 

8. Click OK to return to the Quizmaker '09 options window. 

9. Click OK again to return to the main screen of Quizmaker '09. 

10. Click the Spelling button located at the top of the screen. 

11. If there are no spelling errors, you should receive a message stating that the spelling check is complete. 

12. Once the Spelling Check is complete, your replacement will be complete

Just rinse and repeat those options above for your Engage interaction (just substitute Engage for Quizmaker).

I hope that helps!