How to play video(.flv) in slide in a loop in articulate

Hi there,

From the last few days I have been facing few problems in playing a video imported in slide 

whose format is .FLV in a loop.

My requirement is like I need a button in a slide which plays the video in a loop, when a user clicks 

that button the video embedded in the slide must run in a loop i.e.. when video finishes it gets restarted

again and again automatically.

I don't want to use .SWF files because of quality reason, I am restricted to FLVs or MP4s.

Any help regarding this would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Mayank!

Presenter ’09 does not control the looping effect of an inserted Flash movie, thus you would want to create the loop effect with a third-party tool before inserting it into your course. If that Flash movie is set up to loop, it will likely loop in the published output. You would need to test it to be sure. I would also make sure your Flash movie adheres to these best practices.