how to protect video files from downloading


I publish one presentation using articulate presenter which have some ppt and some video after publishing i upload this on amazon cloud and while playing the presentation on any browser the ppt files which are swf format are not get downloaded but when the video comes in on slide are easily get download on any browser.

please help



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Peter Anderson

Hi Dinesh,

It sounds like you may have some embedded FLVs, which can be downloaded. Articulate desktop products do not provide built-in mechanism to secure access to your content on a Web server. 

To control or secure access to your content, you need a server-side solution, which can range from password protection on the directory (consult your Web host or Web department for assistance) to a SCORM or AICC compliant LMS to a solution such as Articulate Online: 

You can sign up for a free thirty day trial here: