How to provide visual representation of course to Client

Hi. My client wants to see all images on every screen without going through the entire (large) course. There are multiple images and animation on every screen. Is there a way to export each screen in Presenter 09, without the images displaying on top of each other (as in the Export to Word function)? My only thought is that I could pause screens and take a screen shot of each image as it animates, then paste it into the Word document (ugh).

Other ideas?

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Jill Freeman

Thanks, Ashley. My client already has the course and wants a way to quickly
see the images and mark revisions (in a Word doc). I'm going to copy/paste
all hidden images from PPT into the Word doc for him. He can utilize the
narrative in the doc to remember how the working course looks. It's extra
fussing but will meet the need! Thanks again. -Jill