How to report "Progress Measure" to LMS


My company is using the Articulate LMS for instructional videos, and would like to track actual progress through the video (in terms of time), rather than just slides viewed.

I have searched and found a parameter in SCORM 2004 called "Progress Measure" (cmi.progress_measure) which I think might be what we need, but Presenter isn't tracking this.

Is there a way to get this information back to the LMS and into a report?

Thank you for your time.


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Mike Wood

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the quick response!

Can you confirm my understanding of the Progress Measure parameter is correct though? (i.e., if it were currently tracked, this would give us the kind of tracking I described above).

For the purposes of what I have to report to management, there is a difference if we cannot track this because the SCORM standard doesn't allow it (and isn't designed to), versus the software merely not being programmed to include it in the data it records and sends back.

Thanks again,


James Starr


I'm using the SkillSoft LMS and the only output that we can report on from a time perspective is the amount of time the user has had a course open, first access date, last access date, and completion date. I'm sure there is a way to track what you're looking for but it sounds like it would take some serious custom programming, especially to output to a different database.