HTML 5 Output...senior moment


Sorry if this is an utterly stupid question, but I've been using Studio 13 for a while and was recently asked to produce some fully 'accessible' e-learning materials. I therefore proceeded in the hope/expectation that the output would be fully accessible as we would be publishing in html5 format.

I'm struggling - my first question is  - where is the html5 output?

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Simon Fitzpatrick

Yep - I've had a look at these already but still doesn't answer the question - where is the HTML5 output?

If I select 'Include HTML 5 output' but not 'Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad' when I publish, the Presenter Output folder is as follows:

mobile folder = png and jpeg images

mobile/slide folder = javascript files

presentation_content = flash files

presentation_content/slides = flash files

I was rather hoping that there would be a folder with htmlfiles in it somewhere - have I got this wrong?