HTML embedded in SharePoint not working for some users?

I have a Presenter course in a SharePoint document library and embedded in a page via a Content Editor Web Part. When I visit the page with the embedded web part, the course loads and I can interact with it without any issues, and so can most of my test group. Only one person cannot use it. There are no error messages; the place where the course would appear on the page is just a white square. We're guessing there is some setting in her version of Internet Explorer 8 that is blocking it from displaying when it works for others, but we can't figure out what. Any suggestions?

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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Heidi!

Has she tried viewing the course in a different browser? You may want to have her try viewing it in either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If this issue only occurs in IE8, she may want to try updating her current version of the browser. If she experiences the issue in all of the browsers, she may want to check her current version of Flash. She can do so here

Let me know if this helps!