html published Presenter course will not play

Hi, this will not show up on my server:

Server tech support said i was missing an art_plugins.xml file. I never needed it before. Strange. so i made sure to include in the player folder (and published with it) and still nothing. Now my hosting provider says it's becuase nothing is in it - it shows as 0kb. Still, i never needed it before.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Chase!

If your published Articulate Presenter output plays properly on your local computer but won't load after you've uploaded it to your web server or web site, then it's likely that the XML files were corrupted during the upload process.

A common symptom in the Articulate Player is to see "SLIDE 100 of 160 PRESENTATION COMPLETE" in the seekbar.

To correct this behavior, either use the FTP upload feature of Articulate Presenter, or set your FTP application to upload files as binary. Uploading the XML files in ASCII or Auto mode may cause corruption.

It's also important to maintain the directory structure of your published content.

If you experience similar issues with content loaded in an LMS, the issue may be related to the specific version of Java Runtime Environment you have installed. Please see this KB article for more information.