HTML Web Object Controls

Apr 05, 2011

Hey All,

I have a question about Web Objects (which I've not used yet.)   But my question is if it is possible to create a series of HTML pages on our website, insert them as web objects, and have the navigation button embedded in the HTML to advance the actual player to the next slide?   And we would also be locking the player controls in the player itself so that the user could not advance until they have navigated through the page which we have created, and clicked on, in theory, a button which is like a "Next Slide" button.

Does that make sense?  Or is that even possible?


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Iain Conliffe

Here's a harebrained idea... requires Flash, ActionScript knowledge, and the SDK (I assume)... so not easy or cheap, and I have no idea if it would even work. Just a thought!

Could you make that NextSlide button as a swf in Flash, and add an event listener to it that waits a set interval and then runs an if/then to check for currentWebObjectURL (or something like that that's in the SDK, I assume) to be equal to your final html page before it appears/works?  

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