html5 and flv

Jan 13, 2014

if I crete a course in studio and publish it to html5 to view on an Ipad will the flv files work?  If not how would I have to save the videos to play in html5 on an Ipad?  Would i need to download the Articulate mobile player to have the video play correctly? 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Eric,

HTML5 output does not support Flash (SWF) videos, if that's the type of media you're working with. You can either convert that to a format that's supported (MP4s are the suggested file type) or you can publish for Flash and the Articulate Mobile Player.

Here's a chart that I recommend keeping on hand if you intend to publish for mobile often:

Comparing Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player Output in Articulate Presenter '13

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