HTML5 - Are you having problems with iPad display?

I am and after a dozen hours of testing I don't seem any closer to a resolution. Here's what's happening to me. Have any of you seen this?

All of the problems here are random. Sometimes they work fine, sometimes the problem appears.

(1) Images placed on the slide without animations don't appear when the slide appears

(2) Images with animations don't appear

(3) The background (a graphic inserted from the Design menu) disappears halfway through the presentation.

(4) Shapes (e.g. rectangles) loose their background color

(5) Flakey Prev and Next buttons. Sometimes I have to tap them repeatedly and occasionally they don't respond at all.

I'm running the latest OS on my iPad 2. Please chime in with your experience. I'm trying to see if there is any pattern to this that may result in a work around. I've run out of ideas.

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Scott Dennstaedt

The thing that I have noticed on my iPad is that I see the very first animation "blink" when the slide first appears.  In other words, if the first animation is displayed 3 seconds into the slide, you'll see it flash before the appointed time.  This is a bit annoying, but I guess you can always put in a "dummy" animation off the edge of the slide.  

Mike Cerantola

No.  We test on mobile safari, iOS 5, 6, 7 on iPad 2 and 3.

I have 30 second animation that begins when you click on a link to open it up on a "hidden slide"

It has a synced animation sequence done in the whole "Sync animations" area of Studio 13.

It plays perfectly fine in desktop flash, even desktop html5....however on iPad mobile of 2 things happen

  1. It seems like the animation starts before the preloading is complete and the graphic of the preloader circle stays in the center of the screen the entire time
  2. It loads a base image and no animation or narration happens. Navigating off and back on will make it play.
Russell Still

I just tried my project on a brand new iPad Air with 32GB on someone else's high speed DSL. The problems with disappearing graphics is still happening. I have seen this happen on someone else's presentation, too. Also, on the iPad Air, a new problem. One slide did not play its audio until I clicked Prev, and then Next to reload the slide.

If anyone is experiencing any of this please chime in so we can compare notes and try to figure out what is causing this. It's an extremely severe issue. I will say that my projects use a lot of animations and each slide may contain a dozen or so graphics (in total). I'm not sure if that is related to this problem, but discussions with others is the only way to tie this down. I can't be the only person on the planet experiencing this.

Here's one of my project that shows the problem. It is completely random. About 25% of the time it may run through with no glitches. Most times, images that should be there just aren't. This will happen on 3-5 sides at random. (Difficult for some people to recognize since you wouldn't know what should or should not be shown in many cases.)

 (Again, the problems only appear on the iPad. Works perfectly in Flash.)

Russell Still

Definitely some strangeness going on, Greg. I'm not having any problems with presentations not launching, although I am seeing slides occasionally freeze and become unresponsive. Doesn't happen too terribly often for me, though.

Are you seeing any disappearing objects on slides? (They don't actually disappear, they never appear to begin with?) Happens with shapes occasionally, and more often with jpegs.

I wonder what it is that is causing you and I to have different subsets of problems...

Nancy Woinoski

Russ Still said:

Nancy, are you successfully creating iPad output that doesn't have the glitches I described?

I am finding glitches. I have not noticed the disappearing images but the player shifts to the right on iOS7 so the content gets cut off (and if you make the mistake of publishing in 4:3 the player buttons get cut off.

I have noticed that you have to double click player buttons. I've had issues with the audio getting cut off at the beginning of a slide and am finding that triggers with conditions don't always work.

I have also been noticing some random crashing.

Russell Still

On that player shift and truncation on the right, I'm seeing that with SL (HTML5) but not with Presenter.

I'm with you on the player buttons. They are very unreliable and sometimes crash the application. Let's hope the tech guys are working on that. It's a pretty severe issue for users. It they pay me for content that claims to run on their iPads, they'll have little patience for problems with the Prev/Next buttons. I can foresee a lot of demands for refunds.

I'll have to check the disappearing images in SL/HTML5. I stopped using SL because of he player truncation problem and moved back to Presenter. It's possible that the disappearing images may only be a product of Presenter. I'll check it in the one SL module that I put online.

Russell Still

I just reviewed the one iPad module I've created with SL. No problem with disappearing images showed up. Either I was just lucky or we may have determined that this particular HTML5 problem only occurs with Presenter.

If they fix the size problem with the player in iPad use, SL will likely become my tool of choice, at least until the fix the disappearing images problem.

Gerry Wasiluk

I'm seeing the same issuethat  I saw with Storyline and certain LMS's and their players:

My main client is using the old SAP LSO LMS for their internal training.  Not the best LMS by any means but that's what they got by executive decision for a unified HR suite of apps.

About the bottom 50 pixels of the player,  when doing 720x540, gets cut off, including most of the nav buttons.

The hack solution for Storyline is not going to work here.  Need something from Articulate.

Gerry Wasiluk

Hey, Russ!   No to be argumentive but it does with the SAP LSO LMS and Presenter '13.  Look at the bottom of this screenprint from my iPad4.  The player is truncated.

Same thing as I saw in Storyline, which I'd expect since the two programs share many of the same coding, like with the player.

Gerry Wasiluk

Well, I have a solution for my problem--just publish to 16:9 and the SAP LSO content player seems to handle the Presenter '13 output just fine. 

The company has recently moved to 16:9 PowerPoint templates as the standard, and they dictate that all e-learning must use the PowerPoint templates and style, so we're home free.

Not sure I like the extra white space between the top of the Presenter player and the top of the SAP player, but we can probably live with it.  All the bottom controls, including the ones in the SAP player, show just fine.

Nice way to start the week . . .

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Gerry for sharing your solution here, and I hope that it'll help out other community members.

Russ, in regards to the iOS7 issues, this is a known issue. We're working to fix it in a free software update for Storyline, although I don't have a time frame for when that will be released. In the meantime, we recommend viewing the course in one of these environments:

  • Mobile Safari in iOS 6
  • A desktop browser
  • The Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Russ,

I certainly understand and empathize with the customer situation, and once I have further information on the release, we'll be certain to let you all know.

I don't see anything specific about images disappearing in Presenter when viewed in HTML5, have you opened up a Support case about this so that we could do some further testing? If so, and you'd like to let me know the case number I'm happy to follow along in that case so that I can update this thread. 

Russell Still

I've finally had a breakthrough regarding the non-appearing images in slides during HTML5/iPad operation. I have tested this with three different iPads on three different Wifi systems, against 5 of my own presentations and 1 from another individual.

I hope many of you will read this and become aware of the possibility.

The issue is Wifi bandwidth demand and/or speed. Two of the three DSL systems I tested on were >relatively< slow or crowded. And this is where I had repeated, but random, issues with images not showing up in my slides and missing backgrounds in some PowerPoint shapes.

Testing everything for over an hour this morning on a different, faster, and uncongested DSL exhibited no problems whatsoever. This is a very important understanding for any of you who may be fielding user support calls or emails.

I will be supplying a disclaimer on all my iPad-able presentations suggesting that a very fast Wifi connection may be necessary for iPad operation.

Also note - the problems with the flakey Prev/Next keys (reported by others as well as myself) remains.