HTML5 - Are you having problems with iPad display?

I am and after a dozen hours of testing I don't seem any closer to a resolution. Here's what's happening to me. Have any of you seen this?

All of the problems here are random. Sometimes they work fine, sometimes the problem appears.

(1) Images placed on the slide without animations don't appear when the slide appears

(2) Images with animations don't appear

(3) The background (a graphic inserted from the Design menu) disappears halfway through the presentation.

(4) Shapes (e.g. rectangles) loose their background color

(5) Flakey Prev and Next buttons. Sometimes I have to tap them repeatedly and occasionally they don't respond at all.

I'm running the latest OS on my iPad 2. Please chime in with your experience. I'm trying to see if there is any pattern to this that may result in a work around. I've run out of ideas.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Russ,

Thanks for doing all that testing and sharing it here. It'll certainly help other community members so I really appreciate it. 

If you're still having difficulty with the Prev/next buttons, is it something you've connected with our Support team about so that they can do some additional testing and if necessary report it to our QA team? 

Russell Still

Morning, Greg. I've seen audio not play on iOS 6xxx operation and think I've heard others report that, too. I saw this problem on a friend's presentation, and it played fine for him. I updated to iOS 7 and the audio problem went away.

The pattern I see developing for iPad users is that the latest hardware and OS along with the fastest possible DSL may be necessary for relatively flawless operation unless your presentations are very simplistic. My slides have lots of images and complicated/choreographed animations. I probably push the limits more than most and therefore saw more problems.

Try your stuff on a newer iPad with current OS and see if there is a difference.

Of course, there's always a gotcha. If you use the latest iOS in SL, the player gets truncated on the right side and bottom. Apparently the Articulate programmers are aware of this little annoyance and may supply an update that fixes it (soon?).

Bryan Bowers

We have a quiz with a few slides that are supposed to have images and they don't appear on the "presentation_html5.html" version. All that appears is a blank white slide. This occurs on:

Mac: using Chrome

PC: using Chrome, Firefox

iPad using Chrome, Safari (we do not use the iPad app and the regular presentation.html is not supported for some reason.


Anyone have a solution?