HTML5 Audio randomly cutting out when using Chrome


I published several Presenter 13 presentations in HTML5 and tested on my PC, viewing in both Chrome and IE with no problems.

The published files have been uploaded to our server and work fine when viewed using IE. However, when using Chrome, the slide audio cuts out after playing for a few seconds. This does not happen on the same slide every time or at the same point. It appears to be random.

Interestingly, I went back to a series of similar presentations we uploaded to our server a year ago and these now have the same problem.  I’m using the latest version of Presenter 13 – Update 9 1702.2417

I can only guess that this might be a server issue but would appreciate any feedback or instructions I can pass to our IT team to resolve it.



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Katie Riggio

Hi, John!

Really sorry you're running into this intermittent audio issue in Chrome – let's get that sorted! I've got a few questions to start:

  • Can I confirm what version of Chrome you're using?
  • Are you able to upload your course to either Amazon S3 or Tempshare and share the link with me here? This will help us determine if there indeed is an issue with how your site is loading the course.

Of course we're happy to lend a hand with testing, too! You can add one of your files as a comment by clicking on Add Attachment below, or you can share it privately here. I'll be standing by!

John  McFadden

Articulate Support have now tested my HTML5 presentation and others on several servers and have been able to replicate the issue of audio randomly dropping out on slides when the presentation is viewed using Chrome.  They said that this confirms it is not an issue with our server and indicates a possible Articulate software bug. They have no idea when it will be resolved.

Their suggestion is to have our clients try using a different browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox when viewing the courses. We had already reluctantly resorted to doing this, which is ridiculous considering Chrome is the most popular browser. Their suggestion for a workaround was to publish in Flash, which we stopped doing 2 years ago due to browser compatibility and security issues.

We have been using Articulate since 2007 and because we can no longer use it, we have now very reluctantly been forced to switch to using iSpring Presenter which does not have the same issues.

I'm very disappointed with this outcome.

Pam Robinson

This is very disappointing to hear that someone has stopped using a tool as awesome as Articulate because of a browser issue.  Please tell me that someone is working on this video loss issue.  I just had this come up again today.  I have clearly noted on our page on our corp site that videos must be played in IE to play correctly, but Chrome is a choice for many company applications. This causes participants to have a negative experience.