HTML5 player has different colors

Nov 25, 2013

I'm trying to build a player that complies with my company's branding rules. The player looks fine when I view by opening the "presentation.html" file. When I open the same publication using the "presentation_html5.html" file there are significant issues.

1. The logo is centred in a white panel, irrespective of what color I selected.

2. Resources labels appear in the wrong color (white on white backround, making them unreadable until I hover over them).

3. Slide headings do not appear in the left panel (or maybe its a white on white issue again)

I've been trying to solve this for almost 2 days now by trial and error. What am I missing?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mel,

In regards to the white background around the logo, it's something that has been reported to our QA team. 

I've been testing the player colors within HTML5, and testing the two different outputs, I'm not able to replicate the player colors changing as you've mentioned but I did see another thread from today where a community member shared a similar experience. Are you able to create a Presenter package and share it with us here, or if you'd prefer to share it privately please send it along here. 

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