HTML5 version of presentation file is trimming font in title slides

Hello - I recently finished a draft of a course and noticed that the title slide text is being trimmed off (at the top) when viewed via the HTML5 presentation file, but is OK when the same published course is viewed as a presentation file. A sample showing the difference is included below:

Presentation HTML5 view: HTML5 view

Presentation view: Regular presentation view

Any recommendations on how to correct the situation?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cary,

Internet Explorer 11 isn't a supported browser for HTML5, so if things are displaying differently there it may be based on how IE11 works with the HTML5 output but it's not something I can offer assistance with. 

If you need to use HTML5 content, you'll want to review to the supported browsers below:

  • Windows: Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mac: Safari 6.0.5 or later, Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 6 or later