Huh?? -- Base >> Main Background VS. Base >> Slide Background

SO, dunno about you, but I have to redo the player and colorScheme for my client's eLearnings since the Upgrade occurred about 60% through things. To that end, I've been trying to figure out, especially color-wise, which parts do what. And, I ran into something that made me tilt my head like a dog hearing a strange noise.

So WHAT HAPPENS is that if you change the colors of Base >> Main Background , you can see the main area change (in this case to purple and orange)...

AND THEN (shown below), when you (1) change the Edit Item to "Base >> Slide Background" (2) change the TOP color (in this case) to RED (3) change its BOTTOM color (here, turquoise); THE RESULTS show NO CHANGE in the Preview Player....


IF you THEN go BACK to "Base >> Main Background" and set its TRANSPARENCY to 100% .....

SO, when I asked what , IF ANY, difference there is between the colors of "Main Background" and "Slide Background" (since "MAIN" seems to OVERLAP "SLIDE" exactly).... I heard back:

"Regarding the Main and Slide Background in the Player template, it is working as designed as the latter is the color behind your slides, which appears if you set a slide’s background to fully or partially transparent."


Um, translation please?  Because, even if the above IS true, is doesn't change the fact that you won't be able to see it at all, UNLESS you go back over to  "Base >> Main Background"  and essentially kill it off by setting its transparency to 100%.


So, can anyone tell me HOW the colors for "Base >> Main Background" and/or "Base >> Slide Background" are meant to work? 



PS. attached is an .mp3 of what i just described above.




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Alison  L.

Ermmmm.... You mean like: ?

Because there isn't one for '13's player yet.

and / or

"...that describes how the  colour scheme.  It might help you sort things out" 

Erhmmm...   How the color scheme does... .?

thanks for trying though!


Alison  L.

ummmmm..... but, (*whispers awkwardly*) we are in the "Articulate Presenter" forum? 

But YES .  You just  have to be a little careful with that, cuz it's not exactly the same, especially naming convention wise. (Although the storyline job aid is definitely a good place to start!)

cheers, Alison 

Alison  L.

Hey, so just stumbled on a (BIG) maybe answer !


the 1st sub-section is: Regarding interaction size and player colors ..which says:

"The dimensions for Engage interactions are fixed at 720 pixels wide by 540 pixels high. If your PowerPoint dimensions are anything other than 10 inches wide by 7.5 inches high, embedded interactions will be centered on the slide and, if necessary, scaled down to fit within the slide.  If PowerPoint is using a different size, the slide background color from the Presenter player will show around the interaction."

eh, maybe?