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Philip Deering

I need an answer to this question as well.

Or, put another way, it is possible that an important sub-set of my clients may want to consume their learning content on an iPad.

I'm ready to buy the Articulate Suite, but the question of how to produce materials for iPad is a concern.

If not HTML 5, is there an utility that will convert PPTs to .MOV files or some other format that might work for iPad users?


Steve Flowers

PPT 2010 can be exported to video formats directly from PPT as far as I know. There are conversion tools that can also handle the export of PPT to video. PPT to DVD is one such tool. You'll probably have the best luck converting to MP4 (MOV is a better quality format, but MP4 will be directly supported by more platforms). If you run a Mac, Keynote offers excellent video output.

You can use HTML5 within a Web object in a published studio file. However, that won't help iPad or other non-Flash portable device users since the navigation framework and container still require Flash.

Storyline, coming from Articulate will publish to HTML5.