Hyperlink Buttons

I am creating hyperlink buttons that are going to bring the user from one page to another and then back. Does anyone know a way to restrict the user in order to move on to the next slide they must click on the buttons and go to those pages and then back? For example, there are 3 buttons on page 8 (that lead to pages 10,11 & 12). How can you set the slides so the user must visit all these pages and go back before then can move on to the rest of the course?

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blair parkin

I agree with Phil that to do what you want would require some coding.

If the learner has to visit slides 10, 11 & 12 before continuing then why not only have one button that goes to slide 10 (maybe with a lightbox effect), moves through the slide in a lineal order, and then comes back to slide 8, or a duplicate of slide 8 with an advance button?