Hyperlink/buttons -1 in 6 fail

Dec 29, 2011

I am creating a presentation that has 6 hyperlink/tabs - that when selected during a presentation take the learner to a different slide in the presentation. Each tab appears across all the slides.

Originally these were 3D shapes with a text box grouped to it stating where the link went. This was problematic hyperlink wise as the area a learner could click on wasn't the actual shape of the 3D shape. To get around this I made each grouping an image and inserted it as an image and added a hyperlink.

Now when I run the presenation through articulate, 5 of the tabs/hyperlinks work and one doesn't. I have deleted the image and tried to insert it again, removed/editted/recreate the hyperlink but no matter what I do in the preview it shows the cursor change to a hand but does nothing when you click on it.

In PowerPoint preview the link works. In PowerPoint normal view, if I right click on the image and select "open link" it takes me to the correct slide it just doesn't work in articulate preview - which seems to be a worrying trend with PowerPoint features I am trying to use these days.

Has anyone had this fault before?

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James Brandwood

Solved... but only to uncover an odd fault.

When opening preview in Articulate it was only showing the first 7 slides and therefore couldn't link to the slide I wanted it to as it was number 9.

I should have thought of that since I've had it on a few occasions now where 'Preview All' has been selected and working and then I open up the file later to work on it again and instead of 'previewing all' it only previews 'x' amount of slides. I never select to preview anything besides all but if you add more slides to your presentation and go to preview, Articulate will only preview the number of slides that there used to be rather than still previewing all.

Very frustrating glitch as it effectively truncates off your last slides.

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