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Aug 01, 2013

Our company has recently contracted with the Copyright Clearance Center (www.copyright.com) for the use of motion picture clips.  They provide very specific instructions for using iTunes to trim clips and then view them via a hyperlink in PowerPoint.  I've gotten this to work...no problem.

The issue I am having is accessing this hyperlink when publishing in Presenter (or Storyline).  It will not work when the presentation is published via Presenter but I can access the link when I view my PPT presentation in Slide Show mode.  Does Presenter/Storyline handle hyperlinks differently when content is published?

My ideal solution would be to embed the video and not link to it, but there seems to be codec issues involved.  I don't want to go down that road yet if I don't have to...


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blair parkin

Hi Jonathan

From what I understand of the instructions you are saving the file onto your computer. The hyperlink would only work if the published location then had access to your computer to display the video. Page 10 of your instructions highlights this issue a little bit.

Your best option is to insert the video into PowerPoint (as long as that doesn't break your license agreement). If you have Video Encoder that should be able to put the video into a format that everyone can view


Jonathan Workman

Hi Blair,

Attached is a sample of the file I am working with.  It it requesting a different video codec.  If you or someone on staff could determine what codec is needed, that would be great.

Ultimately, I don't want to hyperlink this.  I want to embed it into the presentation, functional both in Studio and Storyline.  If that isn't possible, I'd settle for adding the hyperlink or adding the content as a web object.

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Jonathan.

Your .mov file won't play on any media player on my machine.  In fact, when I try to open it in iTunes, it knows that the file belongs to you and wants me to provide your iTunes password:

I noticed that the instructions you provided state that videos trimmed and added via this method can only be viewed on a 

computer that is “authorized” using your iTunes password / account.

If the file won't play outside of Storyline, I see a low likelihood that it will play within Storyline.  Good luck with your project!

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