Hyperlink text in the notes area

I have a question related to Studio '09.

Is it possible to hyperlink from the notes/text area in PowerPoint and have Presenter recognize the link when published?

Say you had a notes section which will show on the left, next to the menu area, and you were citing a source, like Google for instance. Would you be able to hyperlink www.google.com within the notes area and have it link to the webpage when the user clicks it? 

Has anyone else had this issue and found a useful workaround?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Michelle, I posted a reply on your other post too, but in case anyone else is looking for the same answer and sees this one first, I thought I'd repost here.

Unfortunately PowerPoint doesn't support hyperlinks in the notes pane, so it's not currently possible to link to other sources from that part of your course. You could certainly place a hyperlink on the slide itself, however. If you decide to go that route, here's a good article to review, regarding the types of hyperlinks that Presenter supports.

Michelle Thomas

Jeanette - 

Thank you for confirming that hyperlink in the notes area is not a possibility. We suggested putting links on the slide, but this is not the desired request for the client.

Are there other workarounds you have seen people use to add hyperlinks at all to work in the notes area?

Or is putting the links in a "Sources" attachment tab the most reliable form of action?

I have tried writing code in the text area but it is not recognized by the software.

Jeanette Brooks

Yeah, the Attachments tab is typically the method that most people go, if they prefer not to place hyperlinks directly on the slide itself.

The only other possibility I can think of is to perhaps leverage the presenter panel for your hyperlinks, if you're not already using the presenter panel for other info. Dave Burton shared a method of inserting HTML-formatted text in the bio area of the presenter panel. Although this is not an officially Articulate-supported method, if you're comfortable with HTML you could perhaps give it a shot to see if it'll meet your needs. I could see perhaps creating a "presenter" which actually just consists of a link icon (rather than a presenter headshot), and then rename the text label for the Bio button to something that makes more sense, such as "Links." Then you could use Dave's trick to add your HTML-formatted links to the bio area.