Hyperlink to Engage ineractions

Very new here – I’m reading tutorials and then trying it out in PowerPoint/Presenter  (that’s my excuse if this turns out to be a duh! kind of question). 

Using Presenter, I created several Engage interactions and a quiz in a PowerPoint presentation.  Added a slide with hyperlinks to each of the specific interactions/quiz.

When I preview, the links take me to the wrong interactions.  I checked and rechecked to be sure I had set the correct links, so that doesn’t seem to be the problem.  I finally inserted a blank slide between each interaction slide/quiz so they are no longer adjacent to each other.  Now the links work fine.  Is there a requirement that interaction/quiz slides must have a buffer between each other or am I missing something?

Further info, I hid the blank slides to keep things clean and the links messed up again.  Unhide and everything is working OK.

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Katherine Herbert

I had been struggling with this for two days. At first I thought it was because of my engage interaction titles (removed all my commas, periods, etc) - then I stumbled onto this conversation. And as Brian explained, you need to publish before you can test the hyperlinks in PPT to an engage slide Thanks for posting!

Rachel D'Angelo


I'm struggling with links too. I created several engage interactions (one carousel and 4 tab interactions). Each are under a separate file and not integrated into a presenter. In the carousel "Steps" I created http hyperlinks to each of web published (on our sharepoint) engage interactions. When I click the links from the carousel I'm getting "Web Page not Found" error. What have I done wrong?