Hyperlinking to Existing Documents in Presenter

Sep 09, 2011


I've tried the method of linking to existing documents using the method described here: http://www.articulate.com/support/presenter09/kb/?p=907

I've tried putting all the files into the root folder (following his directions exactly) and I've also tried it where I separated the files into subfolders in that directory by which slide in the presentation in which they're linked. I'm using ppt 2003, and IE9, both of which could make this routine obsolete. When I publish it then try to open a document (usually this happens with pdfs, which IE9 is having issues with in general anyhow, but it happens with Word documents as well) I get a crazy message saying it can't find the path that's established.

Keep in mind, each time I had made sure that when I did the linking, I typed the name of the document in the address bar instead of "searching" for the document. I will note here, however, that I didn't include the file extension on the document address, so I suppose this could also cause this error.

Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated here.


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