Hyperlinks change "/" to "\" when saved.

I have a presentation that includes a lot of screen shots and for clarity, I want to have a link to the screen shot in actual size. I put all the images in a folder called "images" and on the pages, there are hyperlinks to the individual images.  For example:


When testing, this was working perfectly - after being published, if the link was clicked, the image opened in a new window. After putting links to 140 images, saving the PPT and then publishing, the links stopped working. Here is what I found - after saving the file, the forward slash in the hyperlink has become a backwards slash. Here is a screen shot after saving the file and checking the hyperlink:

Notice the forward slash has changed to a backwards slash. All I did was save the file - after clicking the "OK" button on the hyperlink window.

I am guessing this has something to do about having links in folders versus at the root level.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Jerry Stemkoski

I found the answer, and there was another post that had this same issue.

It has something to do with the newer version of PPT - I did just update to 2010 several months ago and I must of made the first slides with the older version.

The workaround is to save the file as PPT, not PPTX.  At least I have the answer, but now have another 140 "\"that I have to change to "/"...again!


Jerry Stemkoski


Thanks for your fast respons! Yes, I just discovered this solution a few moments ago.  After a few years of not updating to a newer version of Office, I finally had to a few months ago and this has been my second big problem with it. I also found that a number of images I had saved were very skewed when published. Had to open them and then save them as pngs and then reinsert them.

Thanks again.