Hyperlinks Not Linking to the Right Slide When Published

I was wondering if it is common for hyperlinks to link to different slides than they were supposed to, once a course has been published.  I added some hyperlinks on certain arrow buttons to guide the user to a certain slide number and noticed that these were linking to different slides after I published the course.  Any ideas on what could be done to avoid this?  Does it have to do specifically to my computer?  Thanks!

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Helena Froyton

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your reply.  I am actually publishing the slides to a folder in my computer.  I do not have hidden slides.  What are hidden slides?  Can you have two hyperlinks on the same slide?  The problem only occurred with slides that had two hyperlinks on the same slide and the back arrow did not return the user to the correct slide.

Hugh Gardner

Helena, it might be several things causing you problems, but I believe the back arrow goes back to the previous slide, so if you hyperlink from say slide 2 to slide 12, I believe the back arrow would take you from 12 to 11, not 12 to 2. 

I made a quick file with multiple hyperlinks on the same slide and it worked correctly, each hyperlink going to the correctly linked file.

Helena Froyton

Does that mean that the back arrow, which I created, can only go to the previous slide?  My hyperlinks were made by inserting the action feature, so that after the user clicks  on the arrow, they proceed to the slide associated with that button.  Is that how you created your hyperlinks as well?