Hyperlinks not working when viewed locally

Dec 08, 2011

I have about 10 website hyperlinks in my presentation and these hyperlinks work when the presentation is produced and viewed through a web browser.  But we download the files and zip them so we can add them into the LMS system.  So based on this posting, http://www.articulate.com/support/presenter09/kb/?p=2244, am I safe in assuming that:

The hyperlinks in my presentation will not work when the presentation is played locally, but once we load the files into the LMS system, they will then work?

Thank you for quick replies!

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bethany miller

I just found out our media people publish to LMS then just drag those files onto a CD.  So I asked them to try the publish to CD option.  My follow up is, what makes the hyperlinks work when running off the LMS or our internal online server?  If someone loaded the LMS files onto a server, should the hyperlinks work?

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