Hyperlinks....previews and publishing

Hi - just wanted to some clarity on hyperlinks with articulate. 

I saw in a forum the following:

  • Previous slide will not work in Presenter. Link to slides in PowerPoint directly.
  • I've created a couple modules before and found that the previous slide hyperlink worked for me....

    Is this accurate then? 

    Also - I've noticed that when I previous my project, sometimes links or functionality does not work; however, when i publish, things seem to work.  Any reason to why this is? 

    Makes proofing my work quite tedious if i have to publish every time instead of being able to simply preview a few slides at a time to check if its' working...

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

    Thanks everyone!

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    Peter Anderson

    Hi Raymond,

    Thought I might share some more information with you, in case you haven't seen it yet. Hyperlinks you include in PowerPoint will be respected in your published output.  However, not all hyperlink options are supported in Presenter. For more details, please see: 


    Be sure to test your content in its intended environment: Web server, LMS, Articulate Online, or CD.  Testing hyperlinks in Preview is not supported. You will need to Publish your presentation for proper testing. 
    Phil Mayor

    previous goes backwards 1 slide when published in studio, in ppt previous will goto last viewed slide that is why it is listed as unsupported

    e.g in powerpoint you hyperlink from slide 1 to slide 10 and then hyperlink to previous slide will return you to slide 1, when published the previous hyperlink will send you to slide 9