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I have a large elearning module which has hyperlinks in some of the earlier slides within a menu which works beautifully in moving learners to different slides (or sections) in the module. When they have finished a section, the 'next' button I have put in takes them back to the opening menu to select the next item on the menu.

I had inserted an engage interaction - but it refused point blank to move on to the next slide - or any other slide - when published. 

So, I redid the information contained in the engage interaction to produce a slide with a number of 'tabs' down the left hand side, each of which is set with a hyperlink to another slide.  Let's call this slide LIST OF CHOICES.    It's a similar set up to the first menu slide in some ways, a list of choices to be made.... but I want learners to be able to move about from within the various choices to other choices without HAVING to go back to the LIST OF CHOICES slide.

When I view this as a power point presentation the hyperlinks work perfectly well.  I can hop about from one page to another going backwards and forwards as the fancy takes me.................. then when I publish - it won't do it.  All I can do once published is to move forward to the next slide in order.

Can anyone help?

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Phil Mayor

Hi, not all heperlinks are supported in studio, see here http://www.articulate.com/support/presenter09/kb/?p=907

previous slide is the key one that does not work, often it is good practice to add your hyoer link as a transparent shape instead of on the object itself

I also wonder if you have your presentation set to restricted navigation so only forward would be an option