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I am trying to get hyperlinks to websites to work via Presenter '09.  

I have seen this help page but does not state anything to how to get them to work.

I publish (have done to both HTML and CD) and I cannot even click on the hyperlink. It is also not working as I place them as attachments.  Tried in Google Chrome and IE9.

Please help me OB1

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Tamara Seals


You can go ahead and remove my content from Articulate Online.  There are so many issues with the annotations that I don't want to show my director this version.  I'm not sure why the annotations aren't timed correctly.  They work with my published version.  The links are the only things not working when I view my published verison from my computer.  On the Articulate Online version, the annotations are either really late showing up or don't show at all.  I also have double text on a couple of the slides and blue boxes that are hiding slide content on three of the slides.  I took out almost all of the annotations to try and make my file smaller.  I tried Tempshare again hoping that a smaller file would allow me to view my presentation there, but no luck.  It uploads but then I get a message saying they can't publish it. 


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Tamara,

Sorry to hear you're still having trouble with this. It is quite possible that it's too large. Tempshare isn't really designed for hosting much, it's simply for smaller files and testing. Then again, it may be something else preventing the file from uploading. Have you tried creating a new, simple presentation with one or two slides and seeing if it's successful?

I personally had quite a wait when uploading the presentation to Articulate Online. I don't know if that may have caused an issue with the quality of some of the annotations, etc. 

Tamara Seals

I'm not sure I'm posting this in the correct place, but I couldn't find anything else related.  I have upgraded to Studio 13.  Attachments changed to Resources but I can't find how to update the documents or links within the Resources tab.  In Studio 9, there was a paperclip on the insert  tab of Articulate.  I don't see anything like that in Studio 13.  

I also don't see the Resources tab when the presentation is played on an iPad.  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Tamara,

No problem! We can still help you out here in this thread :)

First, the Resources will now be found under Player >> Resources:

Here's a tutorial that will help explain the new features of the Resources tab:

Attaching Resources to the Player in Articulate Presenter

And here's a blog post:

Adding Resource File Links to Your Articulate Presenter ’13 Course

For your second question, it's not currently possible to view the Resources tab through the Articulate Mobile Player.

The Resources tab is supported on PC, HTML5 output for the iPad, but not through the Articulate Mobile Player:

The full comparison chart can be found here:

Comparing Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player Output in Articulate Presenter '13

If you're viewing the content through the Articulate Mobile Player (Flash output) on the iPad, this may be why the tab isn't showing up. 

Let us know if you still have trouble with this, or any questions.