I have the license of the Articulate Presenter 13 version 4, may I use it for Articulate Presenter 9 version 5?

Dear Heroes team,

I am using Articulate Presenter 13 version 4 with license but as the request of the project, I have to use the 2 version of Articulate (version 9 and version 13). Could you let me know that do I use the lisence of the Articulate 13 for the Articulate 9 or not? If yes, how to do that?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Linh!

You would not be able to do that. There are different licenses for both Studio '09 and Studio '13. 

You are welcome to reach out to our sales team here to understand your options.

One thing I would like to mention is that you will not be able to run the two versions on the same computer. You will have to utilize different computers or a Virtual Machine.