I loose my audio file import setup information when I reload.

I enter the appropriate audio file information to import MP3-based files into my project. I click on 'OK'' at the bottom and click Save to save the audio file information.

When I close the PPT file and open it again, and go to view the audio file info, nothing I entered earlier is still there, like I had never entered the MP3 file info.

Any ideas? I've blown away my .QUIZ file and started again, but does not help.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dan! I just saw your other post where you are having trouble with Quizmaker. Be sure that you are working on your local drive while working on your project, working from a network drive or USB can cause erratic behavior. You may also need to do a repair.  If you continue to have difficulty, please submit a support case for us to assist you.