I love Articulate!

I just wanted to share my excitement!  I love Articulate and have loved them since my first product in 2006!  I just upgraded to Studio '09 today and I am attending the two day class next week.  I am so excited!  The product, support, employees, and community all rock! 

Thank you for making a product that even a technologically challenged person like me can use.  I look forward to learning more next week.  I will be blowing my coworkers away with the modules I will be able to create!

Thanks for letting me be all dorky and excited here.


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Sammy Hwang

To me, I really like how Articulate online community is working. I searched the existence of real online 'community of practice.' that I can fit in. I feel like I finally find one here in Articulate community. Tom, Jeanette, and David and other Articulate staff members : thank you for the great leadership with wonderful articles, tutorials, and spontaneous responses. To other community members, thank you for your efforts and contribution to share knowledge, information, and ideas. It is a great feeling that you have an online community whenever you turn on your computer. 

Payal Tandon

I second with everything that is posted in this thread.  Through Articulate, I have not only learned how to make better e-learning courses, but I have also learned and tried to apply a few things on business front.  First and foremost - enabling the customers - letting the customers know "You Can Do It".  There are loads of software, but no one stands by their product as Articulate does.  No one teaches how to use their product better than Articulate people do.  You guys really drive home the point that "Every one with ppt and articulate can Articulate whatever it is they want.

Secondly - you have re-defined customer support & community.  Everyday I try to emulate this fervor when I wear "Support" hat in my start-up.