I'm stuck . . . any ideas from anyone?

I have a published a lesson with a hyperlink that launches a wmv in  windows media player - since that is the default. The wmv is located on a media server used for all our web-based training.

The wmv ran when I played the lesson in Powerpoint presentation mode.

It runs when I publish and run the lesson on my local drive.

It runs when I place the lesson out on an "internal" SharePoint location.

It runs when I paste the hyperlink into the address line on my browser.

It runs when I click on the hyperlink in a Word document.

I am satisfied that the wmv is viable and the link is good. 

However, when I copy the lesson up to the media server, and into the parent folder for all the lesson "bits", the lesson runs fine but the wmv does not launch!

We have the folder structure right. This isn't our "first rodeo" and there are a number of other lessons that launch hyperlinked wmv and operate just fine.

I just dread calling our IT Help Desk . . . they don't know anything about Articulate.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Pete,

That does sound pretty strange. Is the hyperlink functioning at all when you have the course uploaded to the server? 

Do you have the hyperlink opening the WMV in a new window?

What web browsers have you used to test this? If you've only used a specific browser, can you try using another and see if you experience the same thing when you attempt to open the link?

Thanks Pete!

Pete Flynn

I have discovered that the source of the problem was our outsourced IT wonks were "noodling around". That was the explanation I got from a very exasperated company IT guy who wants a piece of somebody's back end. But they're in India and he can't get his hands on them. Lucky for them!

Now everything suddenly works just fine. It goes to show that you can do everything right and still have things loused-up!