Identify presenter version from presenter output?

I have begun to include the Presenter version in the file name of the published Presenter output files. Unfortunately I still have Presenter output files which do not include this information so I do not know if they were created in Presenter version 7 or Presenter version 8. Is there a way to determine this from any of the files in the published Presenter output folder? Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Doug,

You could look at opening the launch file within Notepad, and you should be able to see there the version in which you created it. So opening the presentation.html, you should see something like this:
<!-- Created using Articulate Presenter '13 7.8 - -->
<!-- version: 7.8.1607.2021 -->

Presenter versions are '13, 09 and Presenter 6.