IE 10 & Windows 7

Is there something I need to click in settings or something in Presenter 09 for our courses to exit and complete properly if a learner has IE10 insteads of IE9? Depending on when a machine was deployed, some have IE 9 (like mine) and other have IE10. We had a learner today that finished a course, clicked on exit then "exit now" and the page didn't respond. When she closed out of the course and went back into our LMS it showed the course was only "started" not completed even though when you click to resume the course where you left off shows she was on the last page.

How does Articulate determine compatibility? Do I need to upgrade to IE10 since my machine is used when creating the courses? If I do that, moving forward, will this fix the problem? If it does, does that mean I'll need to republish each of our courses?

I appreciate any information provided!

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Carla Kelley-Gonzales

Hi Peter,

Thanks so much for the information! Before I ran the scan, I archived a ton content of previous version content to our network so the scan wouldn't have as much to scan.  The scan just finished. It said there were 114 files that were either OK or not recognizable? I saved the audit log and just went through it. If a file was not recognizable would it indicate that on the audit log?

 I forwarded a link to my LMS's IT folks. They said rather than scan the site, they want me to re-FTP all the affected courses. Since I included the zip files in the scan, if I re-FTP the zip file is that all that is needed? Also, any course that wasn't corrected should then be ok and I don't need to do anything with those correct?

The scan didn't take nearly as long as the archiving did! I appreciate your time.