IE 9 problems - Course not tracking in LMS

We have hundreds of Articulate courses in our LMS that have been working just fine for a long time using Firefox and IE 8.  Recently, some of our users that have Internet Explorer 9.0 are experiencing problems with the courses tracking as 'finished' in our LMS.

Are there any know issues with IE 9?  Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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Brandy Meng

We have the same issue in our LMS.  A change between IE8 and IE9 has slowed down the communication stream. What that means is if the end user closes the course quickly after completion, the "completion" status communication may not be sent to the LMS in time.

We've found that the minimum length of time needed, from course completion to pop-up closure, is 3 seconds. We've fixed the problem by inserting a closing slide at the end of the course that has a 5 second animation. This will "trick" the end user into waiting long enough for the communication to complete before they close the course.