Image with attachments is cluttered 1st slide of presentation

Jan 10, 2014

Is it possible to format the "attachments" tab? When I click Attachments, the first slide of the presentation appears, which is cluttered and ugly.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there B,

Having just a little trouble picturing this - do you have a slide listed as an attachment? 

Also, which version of Presenter are you using, '09 or '13? 

You won't be able to format the text the same way you would if the text were in a slide, but you may be able to change the player font. This option will be a little different depending on what version you're using.

Could you share a screenshot of what it looks like? Or, if your content is something you'd like to keep private, are you able to recreate this and share and example so we can get a better idea of how this looks on your end?


Bethany Nelson

The "first slide of the presentation" image that was appearing wasn't an attachment but it was next to the files when you clicked on attachments.

I found a solution though. I just placed an object the same color as my background in front of the text I didn't want visible and created an animation for it to disappear to reveal the other text.

This webcast was done in 09 but I am upgrading to 13 this week.

Thanks for your reply.

Jack Dillon

The source file for that thumbnail 'image' is in the data folder. It is called tb1.swf.  If you want to change the thumbnail image for the first slide, you can replace it with an image file. Create an image file with dimensions 140x105. Then, delete the existing tb1.swf file and add the new image file to the data folder. Finally, change the name of the new file to tb1 and make sure to change the file extension to .swf. I have only tried this with a .jpg file. I just renamed it to tb1 and changed the file extension to .swf and it loaded just fine in Articulate! Not sure if it will work with other image file formats.

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