images disappearing after publish

I've used presenter 05 for years and have recently upgraded to 09. In the past when image disappear or are displaced after publishing, I've found grouping everything on the slide fixed the issue pretty much every time. Well, 09 still does this, but not using my grouping method hardly ever works. I have to resort to selecting everything on the slide and saving it as a picture and then importing that. I really do not want that to be the case. What are my options?

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Ronnie Swietek

It was just an imported image. I have fixed it since I posted this and this was my process:

  1. I right clicked the image that was disappearing and did 'save as picture' and saved it to the desktop

  2. It exported a 'ETF' file which I thought was weird

  3. Imported and replaced the old one

  4. Exported, still broke.

So here is the method that does work:

  1. make an empty text field

  2. Select the empty textfield and the image

  3. right click and 'save as picture' to desktop

  4. Now it saved it as a PNG, ok good.

  5. Import the PNG and replace the old one (you can delete the empty text field now)

  6. Export and now it is fixed.

  7. Have a drink and rejoice

Renee Tregonning

I have the same issue with inserting shapes and tables? it seems to be fine and publishes fine then I look at the slides in question and the inserted shape and inserted table (with text) have disappeared?

Is there a way to do this without saving everything as an image and re-insert the PNG?