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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Greg.  Sorry for the wonkiness (yes, that is a highly regarded technical term).

When you say your audio pauses for a fraction of a sentence, are you getting a delay in the beginning, or do you find that it breaks up in the middle?  If you've got a Presenter Package that you can share as an example, we'd love to help test this out for you.

Thanks for sharing!

Leslie McKerchie

Looks like it uploaded just fine Greg - not sure what error you saw.

Thanks for sharing the file btw and allowing me to take a look. I took a peek at the Audio Editor and how the audio flowed, then previewed a few slides, but I'm not hearing the the pause you mention. I'm seeing natural pauses in the audio file, which is within the course as well. If there is a particular one/slide you'd like me to take a look at, please let me know.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Greg,

Sorry if I'm being a bit dense here, but is that the error message you saw? Perhaps if you can share a screenshot of it or any other information about what you're seeing that would be helpful? Or are those the slides that it's having the audio issue on? 

I took a look in preview, and it all sounded normal to me - with the switch between slides, but if you're looking for a more seamless set up, perhaps a playlist would work better?