importing audio files

I'm practicing a little to refresh myself on Articulate Presenter and the importing of audio and video (flv) movies.

When I select "import audio" from the articulate tool bar, I get an incomplete box, that does not show my slides at all but asks me to select one. (see image below.) Then I tried clicking and browsing for a file. (bottom image).

I then selected "OK" and the quizmaker page came up. (top image- they didn't load in the order I placed them, sorry.) What the heck is going on and how can I fix it? I'm about to start on a big job (for me) and if this is going to continue, I'll be out of luck.

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Daniel Brigham

Jon: So you were in Presenter wanting to add an audio file and Quizmaker came up? Strange. As you probably well know, to add audio to a slide, you select "import audio," make sure the correct slide is selected, and then select "browse." (image below) If this were happening to me, I'd probably re-install the software. And if that didn't do it, I'd submit a case. Let us know what you find out. --Daniel