Importing MP3s into Presenter 360 without encoding/compressing any further


I have an FFmpeg script that I use to convert/compress WAV files into MP3s before I import them into Articulate Presenter 360. I don't need Articulate to compress the files any further, or worse yet, increase their size by mucking with them. How can publish in Articulate 360 Presenter without the software touching the MP3s? I've seen it take 52 minutes to publish a course with 42 audio files when most of that time was spent needlessly "Encoding" the MP3s.

Is there a setting or some way to bypass this? If not, what is a workaround?


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Katie Riggio

Hi David!

Thanks for writing in with your question and walking us through your scenario.

Is there a setting in Presenter 360 that doesn't compress MP3 files at publish?

There's a Do not compress video at publish option only available for MP4 videos created with baseline, main, or high profiles at this time. 

If you're looking to reduce the published file size, the Quality property lets you control the compression settings for audio clips, videos, and pictures:

Another idea is to bring the PowerPoint slides into Storyline 360. That way, you can preserve the original quality of your MP3 audio files by turning off compression. Here's how: