In need of a volume controller

Hi all,

I would like to make a volume controller in flash to go into the first 2 slides of my articulate presentation. I have no idea how to do this since the built-in volume control does not show in the template I am using (hides all controls). So I need to make one in Flash which I can do, but I do not know how to make it work in presenter. I heard of the SDK, and believe I have platinum membership from my work. How do I access this SDK and use the volume controller in it in presenter?

Thanks and hopes this makes sense!

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David Burton


Please refer to the Modifying Assets section of the SDK documentation. There are a couple of things you need to complete to meet your design request.

1. Make sure you add the tags shown below and in the documentation, inside the published data/playerproperties.xml


NOTE: There is an example playerproperties.xml file provided with the SDK and is found in the Sample Presentation\data\ folder. This can help you locate where the tags above should go.

2. You need to modify the ast_remote.swf to check for slides 1 and 2. If slide 1 or 2 is playing, then show the remote, if not, hide the remote. A sample of how this can be done is below.

// first assign the SDK global reference var
var ArtAPI = _level0.ArtAPI;

// get the current slide index using the SDK call and store it in the slideIndex variable
var slideIndex = ArtAPI.GetCurrentSlide();

// do the check
if (slideIndex == 1 || slideIndex == 2) {
// show the ast_remote by making it visible
this._visible = true;
} else {
// hide
Note: You might need to loop the above code to ensure it's always checking if/when the slide is changed.

3. Make sure you have added the ast_remote.swf file to the published /player/ folder.

That should do it.

Please note, my instructions above expect you to have basic knowledge of Flash programing and the Adobe Flash authoring tool. I hope this helps!