Inability to see text in power-point after recording using Articulate 360 presenter

I recorded using narration of Articulate 360. Individual slide review shows text and recorded narration. When tried to review all slides some slides do not show text but recorded narration can be heard

sending the articulate package so that team can see and find out what is the fault


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Katie Riggio

Hi again, Dr. Mitra ..and those following this discussion!

Circling back here to note that we've now got Text within a table becomes squeezed together before/after another slide with tables and texts logged as a possible bug. One workaround is to save the table as a picture. Then, replace the table from the slide with the saved image with the added annotation.

You're in the right place to hear updates once we have them! Thanks again for working through this problem with us, and we're standing by if you need anything else!